If you’re troubled by the expense and inefficiency of your net-cleaning, you’re not alone.

Aquaculture farmers know that to grow healthy fish, a clean environment is vital. Open net pens are efficient in that they use tidal energy to circulate life-giving sea water. But netting accumulates marine organics. These natural growths harbour bacteria, which restricts the flow of water and oxygen. This compromises fish health. Left to grow, this fouling degrades attachment points and supportive anchoring systems.

Until now, cleaning those nets was often intrusive. It was time and labour intensive, and costly. It is imperative that net-washing operations don’t rush to complete the job. Without prudent attention to detail, results suffer. Of concern, too, are systems with aft-facing propellers and/or jets. These units expel thrust and wash water backwards, which alike poses risks to farmed fish.

Today there’s an efficient, cost-effective solution.

teslaH2O™ offers a new, unique, in-situ approach to net cleaning. Our boats use automated vortex washer robots operated by surface-based computers. Vortex washer assemblies self-adhere to the nets and descend onto the floor of the fish pen. Cleaning happens within two counter-rotating whirlpools using pressurized, filtered, seawater. The delivered result is a 360-degree, thorough, deep net clean.


teslaH2O™ has distinct advantages over other net cleaning operations

Our badge of honour is the high-quality results that we deliver. These results are thorough, complete, and reliable. We enhance fish health by fostering better growing environments. By helping you cultivate better fish, we help improve your bottom line.



Our full-service vessels travel to your farm to deliver fast, effective results. Also, we’re ready to help set up operators with their own mobile operation. We supply turn-key solutions, optimized components and licence our technology.


Smart Systems

Our winching system is smart. Our washer covers the entirety of your nets using precise positioning algorithms. Parameters—net dimensions and net washer speed, for example—are user defined variables. The balance is computer driven.


Crew of 2

Our level of automation requires no more than a crew of two, thus your farm staff are free to focus on other tasks. teslaH2O™ is self-piloted during auto-cycle mode. A robust vessel-mounted pumping system, intelligent in design, drives the power. Its washer head employs two controlled winch lines.



teslaH2O™ is powerful, yet gentle on your nets. No damage will result from our cleaning process.



teslaH2O™ is unobtrusive. No unnatural turbulence generated, its wash is symbiotic with natural hydro-dynamics. Its thrusted jet water doesn’t disturb the fish during cleaning. The teslaH2O™ is a patented vortex washer. It mulches marine organics into particles that pose no risk to your fish.

We are seeking partnerships with researchers. Are you one? Let’s investigate and quantify how teslaH2O™ deeper cleaning helps. Decreasing infestations of hydroids and sea lice in marine net pens is valuable.

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Who we are, and why?

Darren Reid is the founder and director of Brunswick Jetters Ltd. His background is in both aquaculture technology, and commercial diving.

In 1991, Darren began work as a contract diver for salmon farms. Routine checks on nets and rigging identified the severe consequences of bio-fouling. –the extent to which natural accumulations degrade farm structures. Fish health, he noted, was also suffering.

At the time, the industry had no effective solution to the problem. To address the challenge, he created Brunswick Jetters Ltd (2002). Then still diver driven, they used large industrial pumps, the fish in place. His now matured company continues to bring value as an onsite net-washing service.

In 2013, Brunswick Jetters Ltd. innovated. Now patented, the teslaH20TM became a game changer for the aquaculture industry. The company’s unique vortex tandem washer had undergone extensive development. Automation has made operations sustainable and even more effective.

Brunswick Jetters Ltd. currently services farm locations operated by industry giant MOWI Canada West.


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We provide full-service net-washing for local producers in Western Canada. We also provide one-stop expert turn key solutions for the global marketplace. If you’ve questions or would like to set up a consultation to discuss how we can help you, please reach out to us.


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